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Safety Razor Rose Gold


Our single blade safety razor provides a close shave with less irritations. Go back to the essential with this elegant rose gold safety razor. It comes with 5 extra blades, easily replacable.

  • Safety razor + 5 replacement blades (see pictures)
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Easily replace a blade: see our pictures
  • Hairs do not get stuck inside: easily wash it out and store in a dry place
  • No need to put any pressure on the razor
  • The blade is safely placed inside the closed comb
  • A single blade prevents ingrown hairs
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GTIN: 5060762940575
Brand: Asoki


Zero waste razor suitable for sensitive skin

  • Safety razor:
    • Double edge; you can shave with both sides of the razor head
    • Easy to switch blades
    • Curved handle with ridges for good grip
  • 5 blades safely packaged in paper inside a chewing gum type box (brand: Baili)
  • Paper box: can be used for storing the razor

How to use a zero waste razor


  • For underarms and bikini especially; ensure the hairs that are not longer than half a centimetre.
  • For legs: exfoliating can help smooth the skin and raise hairs off of the skin.

Shaving steps

  • Shave wet and warm.
  • Relax, take your time.
  • Apply any of our natural soaps, shaving cream / oil.
  • Use a sharp blade to prevent razor burn
  • Do not apply any pressure
  • 30° angle between the blade and the skin
  • Use only one or maximum two strokes per area

Tips for sensitive skin

  • Shave downward following the direction of your hair

Drying your skin

  • Pat your skin dry
  • Moisturise

Putting away the razor

  • Rinse out the soap hairs: you will find this is a lot easier with this single-blade razor than with a disposable razor
  • Shake to dry
  • Wipe your blade in the opposite direction you would shave with it, along a dry towel
  • Put away in a dry place


Here are some videos of people trying out safety razors:

Why use a safety razor?

  • It feels weighty in your hand because it is free of plastic
  • Let it glide on your skin, gravity does the rest
  • A single blade helps with an irritation and ingrown-free shave

How to switch safety razor blades

  • Rinse and dry your razor after use
  • Do not dry with paper towels; shake or dry with a towel that will not leave any fibres inside the razor
  • Store in a dry space
  • If needed, rinse with rubbing alcohol to prevent rusting. I our experience this is not needed for a long time, but after all, it is a razor for life

To switch blades:

Here’s a link to a video putting in a blade. It is not the same safety razor, but exactly the same principle.

  • Screw the handle
  • The razor comes apart into: handle, comb bottom, blade and comb top
  • Lift off the old blade without touching the sharp edges
  • Store old blades in a jar or metal blade safe and dispose at your local sharps bin
  • Put in a new blade without touching the sharp edges

Always hold onto the flat bit of the blade with your fingertips and do not touch the edges.

  • Do not throw out razor blades into the regular bin. They could harm someone.
  • Store old blades in a jar or metal blade safe (this article has some diy ideas)
  • Dispose at your local sharps bin

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  1. Irène (verified owner)

    It’s a relief to not have to worry anymore about forgetting to buy disposable razors!

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  2. Johanna

    I love this razor! It does not only look super nice, it is also kind to my skin and my wallet. After some struggles in the beginning, I was used to a normal razor for years, I can definitely say that it is worth it!

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