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Safety Razor Rose Gold


Our single blade safety razor provides a close shave with less irritations. Go back to the essential with this elegant rose gold safety razor. It comes with 5 extra blades, easily replacable.

  • Safety razor + 5 replacement blades (see pictures)
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Easily replace a blade: see our pictures
  • Hairs do not get stuck inside: easily wash it out and store in a dry place
  • No need to put any pressure on the razor
  • The blade is safely placed inside the closed comb
  • A single blade prevents ingrown hairs
GTIN: 5060762940575
Brand: Asoki


Zero waste razor suitable for sensitive skin

  • Safety razor:
    • Double edge; you can shave with both sides of the razor head
    • Easy to switch blades
    • Curved handle with ridges for good grip
  • 5 blades safely packaged in paper inside a chewing gum type box (brand: Baili)
  • Paper box: can be used for storing the razor

How to use a zero waste razor


  • For underarms and bikini especially; ensure the hairs that are not longer than half a centimetre.
  • For legs: exfoliating can help smooth the skin and raise hairs off of the skin.

Shaving steps

  • Shave wet and warm.
  • Relax, take your time.
  • Apply any of our natural soaps, shaving cream / oil.
  • Use a sharp blade to prevent razor burn
  • Do not apply any pressure
  • 30° angle between the blade and the skin
  • Use only one or maximum two strokes per area

Tips for sensitive skin

  • Shave downward following the direction of your hair

Drying your skin

  • Pat your skin dry
  • Moisturise

Putting away the razor

  • Rinse out the soap hairs: you will find this is a lot easier with this single-blade razor than with a disposable razor
  • Shake to dry
  • Wipe your blade in the opposite direction you would shave with it, along a dry towel
  • Put away in a dry place


Here are some videos of people trying out safety razors:

Why use a safety razor?

  • It feels weighty in your hand because it is free of plastic
  • Let it glide on your skin, gravity does the rest
  • A single blade helps with an irritation and ingrown-free shave

How to switch safety razor blades

  • Rinse and dry your razor after use
  • Do not dry with paper towels; shake or dry with a towel that will not leave any fibres inside the razor
  • Store in a dry space
  • If needed, rinse with rubbing alcohol to prevent rusting. I our experience this is not needed for a long time, but after all, it is a razor for life

To switch blades:

Here’s a link to a video putting in a blade. It is not the same safety razor, but exactly the same principle.

  • Screw the handle
  • The razor comes apart into: handle, comb bottom, blade and comb top
  • Lift off the old blade without touching the sharp edges
  • Store old blades in a jar or metal blade safe and dispose at your local sharps bin
  • Put in a new blade without touching the sharp edges

Always hold onto the flat bit of the blade with your fingertips and do not touch the edges.

  • Do not throw out razor blades into the regular bin. They could harm someone.
  • Store old blades in a jar or metal blade safe (this article has some diy ideas)
  • Dispose at your local sharps bin


Zero waste products

Washable bamboo face rounds

White will stain

If staining is an issue for you then we recommend choosing our darker colour pads.
With the hemp face rounds you can expect staining.
They are not stain proof and they are white, so stains will show clearly.


  • The hemp face wipes have 3 layers
  • The bamboo washable make-up remover wipe have 2 layers.
  • The hemp wipe layers are firmly attached
  • The bamboo other wipe layers are only attached via the stitch around the edges so the layers may slide over one another a bit while you are using them

Wash bag, bamboo terry

This set of 20 wipes contains not only bamboo velour, but also 13 wipes which have one side made of bamboo terry. This set also includes a mesh wash bag with zipper.

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A period cup can be used with an iud

Yes,, you can. Below are 6 tips from Lunette, a trusted Finnish period cup brand, to make sure your iud and period cup work harmoniously together.

  1. It’s important you check the length of the string of your IUD. Also, that the device can move slightly. Be sure to check it regularly and ask your doctor if you’re unsure.
  2. When using a menstrual cup, the string ideally sits above or inside of the cup. You can double check this after inserting your menstrual cup by running your finger around the edge and making sure you can’t feel the string.
  3. Your menstrual cup forms a slight suction on the walls of the vagina (which is how it sits nice, snug, and leak-free!). Lunette menstrual cups are designed to be super smooth with a good softness so it shouldn’t pinch your IUD string.
  4. If the string is too long you can also ask your doctor to shorten it a bit for you.
  5. Another thing to be a little more careful of is how you remove your menstrual cup if you do have an IUD. Since the menstrual cup creates that little bit of suction, you don’t want to forcefully remove it and accidentally tug on the IUD string. Generally we advise no forceful movements around that area anyway.

    There isn’t scientific proof that tampons or menstrual cups could increase early IUD expulsion rates. It’s important to break the seal of the cup as you are removing it which removes the suction effect. Squeeze the base of the cup as you are pulling it out to break the seal. For more information on inserting and removing your menstrual cup read our article ‘How to use the period cup ’.
  6. Generally it’s good to wait a couple of weeks after getting your IUD inserted to start using a menstrual cup. The risks of difficulties are the highest right at the start and it’s good to give yourself time.
    Have a chat with your doctor too so they can keep you advised and also possibly recommend shortening the IUD string length for you.

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No. It is physically impossible for your period cup to mover further up than your cervix. See the pictures and continue reading for tips how to remove the cup.

A period cup cannot get lost it is physically impossible

Image result for period cup cervix

Taking out your cup
Get comfortable, relax, sit down on the toilet or squat down and do a ‘poop-flex’ (tip from the video by Sarah Tran linked below, it works). Try it out and you will see the cup comes down to the point where you can grab the bottom easily with your fingers. A lot of people, over time, cut the stem shorter and finally cut it off entirely, because the stem may be uncomfortable. So, then you just grip the bottom of the cup itself which is ribbed for easy grip. For more tips see the videos below.

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Here are some tips to prevent leaking.
You can also watch the more elaborate YouTube videos linked below.

  • Insert the cup part of the way, then twist. Next, check with your fingers around the rim to ensure there are no folds. Then, push it up from the bottom of the cup.
  • Ensure the little holes in the cup are always unclogged. Wash them out and blow in them.
Image result for period cup cervix
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There are several techniques you can use, hereby referred to as ‘folds’. A lot of people find the punch down fold and the seven fold the easiest, especially at the start, because it makes the front the smallest. Please see below for the different techniques.

Image result for period cup folds

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    It’s a relief to not have to worry anymore about forgetting to buy disposable razors!

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  2. Johanna

    I love this razor! It does not only look super nice, it is also kind to my skin and my wallet. After some struggles in the beginning, I was used to a normal razor for years, I can definitely say that it is worth it!

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