Set of 8 loose rose gold discs


An eye-catcher: Rose gold discs for your Asoki Planer. With these discs you can personalize your erasable notebook and make it something very special.

  • 8 rose gold rings
  • For the binding of an Asoki planner


Note: The discs come without a planner. The cover and back of the planner cannot be purchased separately, so you can only exchange the discs with those of your planner. You can then store the removed discs in the box.

8 rose gold discs for your Asoki Planner

Note: These discs have a slightly different shape than our regular black and silver discs. Therefore opening and closing the planner may feel stiffer and less smooth.

The discs are packaged in a hard plastic tube: you can keep the tube and store the discs in there which you are not using.

We are working towards eliminating plastic but in this case it is a box which you can use for a long time. For example, if you have a black notebook and you want to exchange the discs for the rose gold ones, then you have to take out the black discs and you can store them inside the tube.

Here you can find a youtube video showing you how to change the discs.


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