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2 Reusable Period Pads Fleece Bundle


Super soft absorbant fleece reusable period pads with wings.

  • Set of two reusable pads
  • Soft fleece against your skin
  • Wash before use
  • Microfiber absorbent layer, waterproof layer
  • Two secure fit popper options
  • Wash at 20 or 30 °C, dry on low heat or air dry
  • Note that these pads tend to be warmer when wearing than cotton
  • Dark colour fleece: less visible staining
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Brand: Asoki


Set of two fleece pads of one size: either 2x day or 2x night.

The fleece material continues on the wings, so you don’t have any of the cactus waterproof material against your skin.

This is something to look out for because the waterproof material is not breathable – it is not soft and it is not absorbing. In comparison: the wings of disposable pads are absorbing and that is the case with our fleece reusable period pads as well. The material of the pad continues on the side of the wings that touches the skin.

How to wash fleece reusable period pads

  • Wash before use
  • Wash at 20 or 30 °C
  • Dry on low heat or air dry
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Do not iron

Reusable vs. disposable pads

Reusable period pads will be a bit more bulky than single-use period pads because they consists of several absorbent layers of fabric. In our experience, although it may feel bulky at first, you quickly get used to it. The cotton fabric is comfortable against your skin and breathable. If your skin gets irritated from traditional disposable period pads then we recommend cotton period pads.

What is the least noticeable to wear?

The products which you feel the least will be a period cup, period underwear and our extra thin reusable pantyliner. Once you have gotten used to a period cup and found the right size for you, most people barely feel it. Period underwear is, of course, just underwear with extra layers, so it does not feel too different from wearing regular underwear. Finally, our reusable pantyliner is extra thin, a lot thinner than other reusable pantyliners we have tried in fact, so, once you get used to it, you barely notice it. Especially if you are a person who loves wearing 100% cotton underwear, we recommend this pantyliner, possibly in combination with the cup.

Maintenance, staining

On light colours, blood will leave stains when washed in hot water. If you don’t care about staining then feel free to wash period pads with your regular load. If you are looking for a darker colour, we have the dark grey fleece pads. The period cup is also very easy to maintain: rinse it with cold water any time you take it out and after your period, boil it for 10 minutes. The cold water rinse will prevent staining.

Heavy flow

For very heavy flow days we recommend:

  • The Lunette cup model 2 (but if you are a starter, we recommend first trying the smaller model 1)

And in terms of period pads:

The largest, most absorbent reusable period pads are the Night Fleece pads. Fleece is a little more absorbent than cotton. However, be aware that the fleece pads tends to be warmer to wear than cotton pads due to the fleece material and due to the thick waterproof layer on the outside, rather than a more breathable waterproof layer inside the cotton pads.

The logistics: use, washing, drying

Unlike disposable pads, you will be washing and drying these reusable cloth pads between uses. Keep this in mind so that you don’t run into any surprises, such as a situation where all your period pads are sitting in your laundry basket when you need one. 😉 How many reusable pads you need will depend on your cycle.

Double sided fashion tape

Some people experience cloth pads moving around. This may depend on a lot of factors, not everyone does. If you notice this is an issue for you, there’s a simple solution: double sided fashion tape. You can buy it at any drugstore and it is inexpensive. Usually this tape is used to tape an item of clothing onto your skin and it also works fine to tape your cloth pad against your underwear.

Baby powder

A lot of people find that cloth pads result in less odor than disposable pads because the chemicals in disposable pads may react with the blood. Nevertheless, if you do experience an odor issue, you can switch out the pads more often (use a wet bag if you are on the go), or apply a deodorising  powder such as baby powder.

  • Size of the Day Pad: 18 x 25 cm
  • Size of the Night Pad: 18 x 30 cm
  • All materials in this product are synthetic
  • Layer against the skin: fleece
  • Absorbent layer; microfiber
  • Waterproof layer: PUL
  • Note that the waterproof layer is airtight and the fleece tends to be a bit warmer when wearing than cotton

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  1. Vania (verified owner)

    I have these and also the organic cotton pads and pantyliners, they are all good. My partner gets a bit weirded out by it, but that’s not really a pad a problem, it’s more a mentality thing 🙂

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