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Reusable Notebook Lined – 10 Pages | Illustrated


This gorgeous floral cover was illustrated by illustrator Sanny van Loon. Create your own Asoki Planner: Add pages of choice

  • Note: this product is thin; 10 double-sided pages
  • Erase pages with included wipe and spray bottle
  • Fill spray bottle with water, glass cleaning spray, water with a little rubbing alcohol or our Apple & Mint Spray
  • Discbound: move pages around
  • Suitable for most left-handed people; read experiences in FAQ below

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  • Notebook with 10 double-sided lined pages
  • First page: non-erasable page with use tips and space to write your name
  • Black pen with (vegan) felt eraser on the back
  • Sticky pen loop: stick it in the cover
  • 2 plastic sleeve pockets for receipts or papers
  • Erase wipe
  • Empty spray bottle: fill it with water, glass cleaning spray, a mixture of alcohol and water or our Apple & Mint Spray

Made in Europe.

With your Asoki Planner you get a wipe empty refillable spray bottle black pen and pen loop included

Create your own erasable planner with this lined Asoki Planner as a start. Use it to write down your thoughts, lists and scribbles. When you are done, erase with the spray and the erase wipe:

The Asoki Planner is a slightly wider than A5 erasable whiteboard notebook including wipe and spray bottle

Scan pages with the free Adobe Scan App on your phone. It recognises the edges of a page automatically, especially if it is on a darker background.

How to scan your A5 erasable whiteboard notebook with your phone

  • Notebook size: 18.5 x 22 cm
  • Cover size: 17x 22 cm
  • Page size: A5
  • Ring diameter: 2 cm
  • Inside the plastic insert sleeve fits an A5 sheet
  • Made in Europe


  • Water-soluble ink
  • Refillable with the refill station
  • Line width: 0.6 mm
  • Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable


  • Polypropylene: Discs, pen barrel and cap, sticky pen loop (+ elastic)

PP5 recycling resin code

  • PVC: covers

PVC recycling

  • Pages: laminated FSC paper, rounded corners
  • Write gently with the pen: do not press hard because it can dent the page
  • Prevent denting pages as this makes erasing more difficult
  • Regularly erase pages
  • Leaving the ink on pages longer makes it more difficult to erase
  • After erasing a page with liquid, go over it with a dry wipe
  • To erase very old pages, we recommend the magic sponge in our Erase Kit

The ‘wet erase penserase the easiest, because the ink dissolves in liquid – but not smudge-proof. Then the coloured pens. Finally, the black pen requires the most pressure to erase. Take a look in our pen section and find your perfect fit!

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  1. Marie

    I love it! Looks great with a strong, high quality material

  2. Céline MARIANO-LA MONICA (verified owner)

    Wonderful thing

  3. Juliane

    Was not in need of the lined pages yet.

  4. Susanne

    Very practical and eco friendly! Would buy again.

  5. Sarah H.

    I gave it as a gift and they were very happy with it!

  6. Conny (verified owner)

    I use it on a daily base and I am completely satisfied with it.🙂 I can take it with me everywhere, as it does not contain much space in comparison to a regular notebook. Also, if I am out of space, I just delete notes not needed anymore. The cleaner spray is small and the content lasts long, which is great (and by the way, the Apple Mint cleaner smells super nice). My friends and coworkers were surprised when they saw me erasing the written notes and started to ask me. When I explained it to them, they shared positive expressions. Also the fact that it comes in enviromental friendly material when being delivered is just great. What I like most in this case is that it was not overpacked or lots of empty space in the package. Great job here. 🙂

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Conny
  7. Audrey L. (verified owner)

    never received the product after 3 months…

    • Antje (store manager)

      Hello Audrey,
      I am sorry to hear that. Please do drop a quick mail to support@asoki.co and we will resolve this for you.
      Have a great day and speak to you soon!
      Your Asoki team

  8. Maud O. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and very good quality!

  9. Francesca

    I also love the ability to erase and start again using the same pages. Fits neatly into my bag, is so lightweight that I can take it anywhere.

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