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14 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads with Storage and Travel Bag

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Replace single-use cotton pads with soft, washable pads! Comes with a practical waterproof bag and small zippered pouch for storage and travel.

  • First hold under warm water, then apply make-up remover if needed
  • 14 soft bamboo velour wipes
  • 1 waterproof bag / storage basket
  • 1 small zipper travel bag
  • Stains will not show thanks to the dark grey colour
  • Wash in a mesh bag with your usual load and air dry
  • Not suitable for removing nail varnish

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  • 14 washable, reusable bamboo pads
  • Diameter of the pads: 8cm
  • Waterproof storage- and travel bag
  • Waterproof pouch with a zipper
    • inside side pocket
    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 14 cm
      • Width: 21 cm
      • Depth: 6.5 cm
  • The pads consist of two layers, these may slide over one another
  • First hold under warm water, then apply make-up remover if needed
  • Wash with your usual load
  • The pads dry quickly in the air so there is no need to tumble dry
  • Each pad consists of 2 layers, these may slide over one another, if this bothers you then you can use two hands

The bag

  • Store them in the waterproof bag, you can fold it so it becomes a basket

Waterproof mascara

Some users have experienced that it comes out in the washing, others have some stains on the pads. For most people, this is not an issue, they just keep using the pads with slight stains. It is not very visible as the pads themselves are a dark colour.


If you want to prevent stains (this is a personal preference, you may or may not care):
After you have removed your make up, you can pour some makeup remover on the pads themselves. Then give the pads a quick wash by hand. Afterwards, wash them in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry.

Rosalien: “When using white washable pads, waterproof mascara does not come out even after several washes. It is smart to have a darker colour so the stains are not obvious.”

Tips from Robin: “Wet the pad, wring it out, then add the lotion or make up remover. For me, taking off waterproof mascara takes a little more time in comparison to a cotton pad (it is a little rougher for the eyes), but works fine. ??

Funny note from Ilona: I calculated that I use 1825 cotton pads per year. And then immediately ordered these.?

Tips from Tara who uses washable wipes in her beauty salon:

  • Wash at 60 °C
  • Now and then: wash at boiling temperature
  • If you wash below 60 °C then add special dettol for washing
  • It cuts down waste a lot and my customers are happy
  • After a few years they will need to be replaced
  • A hair dresser does not throw out towels either after using them once 😉

Washable bamboo face rounds

White will stain

If staining is an issue for you then we recommend choosing our darker colour pads.
With the hemp face rounds you can expect staining.
They are not stain proof and they are white, so stains will show clearly.


  • The hemp face wipes have 3 layers
  • The bamboo washable make-up remover wipes only have 2 layers.
  • The hemp wipe layers are firmly attached
  • The other wipe layers are only attached via the stitch around the edges so the layers may slide over one another a bit while you are using them
  • Bamboo velour: 60% bamboo, 20% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Bags: polyester
  • Packaged in a paper bag
  • Diameter of the pads: 8 cm
  • Pads consist of 2 layers sewn together at the outside edge: the layers may slide, if needed hold with 2 hands
  • We chose the synthetic bags because they are waterproof

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  1. Debby Corbeel (verified owner)


  2. Silke

    Soft pads and the bag is actually very practical for traveling. Fits lots, lightweight and if it is only half full, the thin material folds easily so it doesn’t take more space than it needs to.

  3. Suzanne

    I once bought white washable cotton pads but didn’t like them at all. They were too thin and remained dirty (stained) after washing. But these grey bamboo pads are really great. Wonderfully soft. It works perfectly.

  4. Zoë

    These pads are quite large, which I really like. I use 1 a day: one side in the morning and the other side in the evening. Then it goes into the laundry (tip: always put them in a laundry bag, otherwise they might get stuck between the rubbers of your washing machine). After washing, the pads remain soft and clean! The only thing I find slightly annoying about these washable bamboo pads is that they are only sewn around the edge. The 2 layers of fabric slightly slide over one another during use, so it is more difficult to work accurately. Not a big problem, but sometimes annoying.

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