Washable Hemp Makeup Remover Pads


Set of 7 hemp make up remover wipes: A super soft and reusable alternative to cotton pads.

  • 70% hemp, 30% cotton
  • 3 layers
  • Washing machine-friendly
  • Dryer friendly
  • Not stain proof
  • Not suitable to remove nail varnish
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GTIN: 5060762940414
Brand: Asoki


  • 7 wipes made of hemp and cotton
  • Made in Europe
  • Diameter: 8 cm

8 cm is a little larger than most disposable cotton pads.

This hemp wipe probably feels the most similar to a cotton pad out of all our reusable make up remover wipes because the material feels relatively stiff and solid (yet soft, like all our pads). It is recommended to tumbly dry the hemp pads because it will keep them soft.

  • Wash at  30 °C before first use
  • Tumble dry : it actually softens these pads!
  • Wash with your usual load, in a mesh bag
  • First hold under warm water, then wring and apply make-up remover if needed
  • Not stain proof
  • If you want to prevent stains (this is a personal preference, you may or may not care):
    After you have removed your make up, you can pour some makeup remover on the pads themselves. Then give the pads a quick wash by hand. Afterwards, wash them in the washing machine.

Tips from Tara who uses washable wipes in her beauty salon:

  • Wash at 60 °C
  • Now and then: wash at boiling temperature
  • If you wash below 60 °C then add special dettol for washing
  • It cuts down waste a lot and my customers are happy
  • After a few years they will need to be replaced
  • A hair dresser does not throw out towels either after using them once 😉

Washable bamboo face rounds

White will stain

If staining is an issue for you then we recommend choosing our darker colour face rounds.
With these hemp wipes you can expect staining.
They are not stain proof and they are white, so stains will show.


  • The hemp wipes have 3 layers, the other washable make-up remover wipes only have 2 layers.
  • The hemp wipe layers are firmly attached
  • The other wipe layers are only attached via the stitch around the edges so the layers may slide over one another a bit while you are using them


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