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Refill Station Blue

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Refill your blue erasable pens by placing them upside down in the refill station.
Do this regularly!
It works if your pen has some ink inside. Not if it is empty and dried out.

  • Hassle-free: no leaking or overflowing
  • Refill your pen up to 7 times

Read ‘Use’ below.

Note: The blue pens may leave a light trace on the pages. If you’d like your pages to stay totally white then we recommend the black and red pens as well as the set of orange, purple and yellow wet erase pens.



1 refill station for blue erasable pens for your Asoki Planner

We recommend not to wait until the pen is empty. If the pen is dried out then refill station’s suction mechanism will not work well.

Instead, regularly place the pen in the refill station to keep it moist.

If  your erasable pen is dry, then place it upside down in water for a few hours to hydrate it.
Then place it in the refill station.

  • Made of recyclable polypropylene
  • Water-based ink
  • Made in Germany

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