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Wet Erase Pens | 3 Read Description Please


Purple, orange and yellow erasable pens for your Asoki Planner.

When erasing, a colourful smudge appears because the ink dissolves into liquid instantly. See product picture. This is normal.
The advantage: no pressure is needed because the ink dissolves so well.

  • Not smudge proof; you might erase text with your hand, takes longer to dry
  • No felt eraser on the back because it is not dry erasable
  • May leave a light smudge behind on the page
  • Very easy to erase with liquid because the ink dissolves instantly

In stock



  • 3 pens
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Purple

As the name says, these pens can only be erased using a damp cloth but not a dry cloth.


  • Write gently, do not press on the page
  • We recommend erasing wet erase ink daily to prevent light permanent smudges on the pages

Steps of erasing wet erase pens:

  • Plastic-free shipping materials
  • Made of recyclable polypropylene
  • Ink water-based
  • Made in Europe

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  1. Margot R. (verified owner)

    They erase super well, love the Colors

  2. Céline MARIANO-LA MONICA (verified owner)

    Great ink, better than black colour

  3. Madina S. (verified owner)

    The colours are bright and can be removed easily.

  4. Ana Isa (verified owner)

    Very good, energética color to lighten hour planner

  5. Toni (verified owner)

    Love thesebeasy to clean off i would like more colours

    • Antje (store manager)

      Hi Tony,
      Fantastic to hear that you love the pens, and thanks for the feedback we will take this to the team and discuss.
      Have a lovely weekend!
      Antje from your Asoki team

  6. Iris

    I use these almost every day because colours gives me a better overview. Also, I just like colours. Be careful that your hands are not damp when writing as it can smudge. But so far I haven’t run into any problems using these pens.

  7. Amber

    I have all the pen colours because I like to colour-code everything as far as possible. For example, purple is for appointments, orange is for work-related stuff, green is for social events (well not as much at the moment but usually).

  8. Merel

    I would recommend taking notes with the dry erase pens and not these wet erase pens, because those are nicer for erasing a few words while you are writing. I found the wet erase pens to be quite wet and not smudge proof, indeed as it mentions in the product description. If you go over it with your hand, it starts erasing a bit already. However, I knew this in advance so it is not a problem, I know when to choose these pens and when not to. Ultimately, the colours are fun and a valuable addition.

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