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Erasable Pens | 4 read description


4 pack: blue, green, red and black erasable pens.

Note: The blue and green pens leave a light smudge on pages. Most people hardly notice or do not mind, however, if this is an issue then we recommend the 2 pack of red pens.

  • (vegan) felt eraser on the back
  • Fast-drying ink
  • Does not smudge when you go over it with your dry hand
  • Suitable for most left-handed people: read experiences in our FAQ


  • 4 dry erase pens:
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black

Erase words with the (vegan) felt eraser on the back.

Spots after erasing

After erasing, there may be spots of ink left on the pages.
Clean the spots with a wet part of the wipe and then a dry part.

Erasing a full page

Erase entire pages with the Asoki Planner wipe and a few drops of water. Alternatively, you can use:


The Asoki Planner is a slightly wider than A5 erasable whiteboard notebook including wipe and spray bottle

Erase regularly

  • Erasing pages gets more difficult over time as the ink sets in.
  • Erase pages regularly

If the ink has been on the page for a long period of time then we recommend using the textured wipe and magic sponge from the Erase Kit.

First spray the page then put pressure on the magic sponge to dissolve the ink and finallhy wipe away the liquid with your black cloth

Scanning pages

  • Scan your pages with the free Adobe Scan app
  • Save them in a place of your choice
  • The DropBox and Evernote apps also have well-integrated scan functions
  • The Adobe Scan app will automatically find the edges of the pages and crop the scan for you
How to scan your A5 erasable whiteboard notebook with your phone

18 reviews for Erasable Pens | 4 read description

  1. Misty Bourlart (verified owner)

    These pens are gorgeous. The ultra-fine tip means my writing looks like any other pen and not like I stole whiteboard markers from work. My only complaint is that from time to time it’s hard to get the ink flowing and they dent my pages a bit, but it never lasts for long. Every time I think they’re dried up they magically start writing again after a bit of rest.

  2. Sandra Sousa Cardoso (verified owner)

    J’adore ces stylos et ils sont super pour l’utilisation sur la partie effaçable de mon Planner. J’évite de les utiliser sur du papier normal pour qu’ils durent plus longtemps en mode “effaçable”. Ils s’effacent bien avec le linge que j’ai reçu avec mon Planner, et encore mieux avec le spray que j’ai acheté ici aussi.
    J’aurais bien aimé avoir des couleurs supplémentaire, vu que j’adore les couleurs. Ce que j’aime tout particilièrement est que l’encre de ces stylos sèche rapidement sur les pages réutilisables et du coup très peu de risque d’effacer nos notes écrites par accident … comme ça m’est arrivée souvent avec l’ancien agenda effaçable que j’avais. Je vais tester les recharges … j’hésite un peu car je me demandais combien de temps tiendrais l’effaceur du stylo … et je suis satisfaite … donc prochaine acquisition la recharge 🙂 Je recommande.

  3. Demi (verified owner)

    The more color the beter

  4. Ana Almeida (verified owner)

    grate fine pen to mark the notes

  5. Debby Corbeel (verified owner)

    Adds a pop of color

  6. Conny (verified owner)

    I love to use them. They are so handy and writing with them is very smooth. I am so happy that I discovered the Asoki planner.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Conny
  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Write well! I was afraid it would look sloppy sometimes but it really doesn’t.

  8. Ana Isa (verified owner)

    Very good

  9. Audrey L. (verified owner)

    never received the product after 3 months…

    • Antje (store manager)

      Hello Audrey,
      I am sorry to hear that. Please do drop a quick mail to support@asoki.co and we will resolve this for you.
      Have a great day and speak to you soon!
      Your Asoki team

  10. Katie S. (verified owner)


  11. Ana Ferreira (verified owner)

    These pens are very good. I am lefthanded and I was worried I would smudge the pages but the ink dries very fast, so I do not make any mess

  12. CHARLOTTE L. (verified owner)

    Feels just like a normal notebook! Love the blue pen, as it easily wipes off. Black is harder to rub off.

  13. Charlotte (verified owner)

    The black provides finesse, but is harder to wipe off. I prefer the coloured pens, as they are more wipeable!

  14. Adeshini (verified owner)

    Great pens but keep the lid on when not using or it can dry out quickly

  15. Toni (verified owner)

    Love them appart from you rub them off with the “rubber type thing” and the other colours was washed of with water so takes twice as long. I would pref a red and blue and green added to the other pack thats washable. They are still fab.

    • Yagmur (store manager)

      Hi Toni,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! These pens can also be erased with water, just like the set of 3 wet erase pens. You can spray some water on the page using the spray bottle and erase the page with the wipe.

      The grey eraser on the back of these pens is made of felt, it can be used to erase small areas, for example 1 word inside a paragraph.

      Happy to hear you are enjoying writing and erasing!

      Best wishes,

    • Antje (store manager)

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for this feedback also. Indeed as we also wrote on the website, you don’t have to apply as much pressure with the pens. We will take the feedback to the team and discuss.
      Take care and best regards,
      Antje from your Asoki team

  16. Margot

    Works perfectly. The black pen is more difficult to erase, so I am mostly using the other colours.

  17. Romy

    Nice to write with, does not smudge. It is not a problem if you accidentally go over the text with your hand. The only thing is that, if you press too hard with the pen, it sometimes leaves indents on the page.

  18. Anonym

    It takes a bit of time to get used to writing with the pens. Especially, because they dry out so fast but other than that they work perfectly.

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