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10 Lined Pages


Set of 10 lined erasable notebook pages clickable into your Asoki Planner. Asoki Planner is a customisable erasable notebook system. Scan, save and share your notes.

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GTIN: 5060762940216
Brand: Asoki


Set of 10 erasable notebook pages

  • 10 lined whiteboard-pages: 20 sides total
  • A5 size
  • Suitable for discbound notebooks

Clicking and moving pages

Click these 10 erasable lined pages into your Asoki Planner: one by one, place the page in  your erasable notebook and gently press down the page between each of the discs. Watch the video below to see how to click pages in and out.

To move a page, gently zip out the page from top to bottom. This lined page set can be clicked into a discbound notebook such as our Asoki Planner.

How to scan and wipe your erasable notebook pages

Step 1. Fill up the spray bottle with one of these options:

Step 2. Click the pages into your Asoki Planner in the order of your choice.
The pages come in a paper envelope for you to click in.

Step 3.

  • Erase words using the (vegan) felt eraser on the back of your dry erase pens
  • Erase pages using the wipe and spray bottle

Step 4.

Scan pages with the free Adobe Scan App on your phone. It recognises the edges of a page automatically, especially if it is on a darker background. Save your notes to Dropbox, OneDrive etc. and easily share your notes from there.

How to scan your A5 erasable whiteboard notebook with your phone

The Dropbox and Evernote apps also have good scan functions integrated inside the app.

Work smarter. Process your notes, then scan and erase them.

  • Write gently with the pen: do not press hard because it can dent the page
  • Prevent denting pages as this makes erasing more difficult
  • Regularly erase pages
  • Leaving the ink on pages longer makes it more difficult to erase
  • After erasing a page with liquid, go over it with a dry wipe
  • To erase very old pages, we recommend the magic sponge in our Erase Kit

A5 Erasable Notebook Page Set Specs

  • Page size: A5
  • Made in Europe

4 reviews for 10 Lined Pages

Based on 4 reviews
  1. Susana Santos R. (verified owner)

    Great products. Recommend.

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  2. Cécile (verified owner)

    I could only erase with a magic sponge for the things I wrote a while ago

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    • Antje (verified owner)

      Hi Cécile,
      Thank you for your feedback. If you want to keep notes longer term we recommend using the Adobe Scan app to easily scan your notes so you can access them at a later point. While it is normal that it is a bit more difficult to erase old print versus newer print, it should come off though without any problems. You might have to use a bit more liquid for notes written with the wet erase pens/press a bit harder to erase notes written with the dry erase pens. So yes it is a little bit harder if the notes are old but it should still come off without any issues.
      Have a great day!
      Antje from Asoki

  3. Daniela Beierlein

    Great for making notes! Good line spacing!

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  4. Audrey L. (verified owner)

    never received the product after 3 months…

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    • Antje

      Hello Audrey,
      I am sorry to hear that. Please do drop a quick mail to support@asoki.co and we will resolve this for you.
      Have a great day and speak to you soon!
      Your Asoki team

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