Reusable Planner Black | Yearly, Monthly and Weekly | To-do Lists, Lined


  • Organise notes, lists and plans in one place
  • Erasable whiteboard pages
  • Includes 4 weekly overviews, 3 monthly overviews, 1 yearly overviews, lined pages and to-do lists.
  • Includes pen, wipe, spray bottle
  • Fill spray bottle with water, glass cleaning spray, water with a little rubbing alcohol or our Apple & Mint Spray
  • Discbound: move pages around
  • No arrows or crossed out words

Simplify your life with this erasable notebook, to-do book and planner in one. Easily move appointments and tasks around. Finished with your to-do list? Wipe your page with the cloth and a bit of splash of liquid from the empty spray bottle included. Fill the bottle with water, mirror cleaning spray or our Apple & Mint Spray.

GTIN: 5060762940032
Brand: Asoki


Picture by customer Ira.

Asoki Planer mit lederfreie hulle Ira

Reusable planner pages

Total number of pages: 28

Included with the reusable planner

  • Black pen with (vegan) felt eraser on the back
    • Note: this black pen is included because it is the most neutral colour, nevertheless, most users find the coloured pens the easiest to erase
  • Sticky pen loop: stick it in the cover
  • Erase wipe
  • Empty spray bottle: fill it with water, glass cleaning spray, a mixture of alcohol and water or our Apple & Mint Spray

Picture of the planner with the included pen, sticky pen loop, wipe and empty refillable spray bottle:

Erasable pen sticky pen loop spray bottle asoki wipe

Scan your Smart Reusable Notebook Pages

Step 4. Scan pages with the free Adobe Scan App on your phone. It recognises the edges of a page automatically, especially if it is on a darker background. How to scan your A5 erasable whiteboard notebook with your phone

  • Write gently with the pen: do not press hard because it can dent the page
  • Prevent denting pages as this makes erasing more difficult
  • Regularly erase pages
  • Leaving the ink on pages longer makes it more difficult to erase
  • After erasing a page with liquid, go over it with a dry wipe
  • To erase old ink, we recommend the magic sponge in our Erase Kit

Step 1. Fill up the spray bottle with one of these options:

Step 2. Click the pages into your Asoki Planner in the order of your choice. The pages come in a paper envelope for you to click in.

Step 3.

  • Erase words using the (vegan) felt eraser on the back of your dry erase pens
  • Erase pages using the wipe and spray bottle

Shipping Cost

  • Global tracked shipping : 8 USD
  • EU tracked shipping : €4
  • Free shipping : Over €65

You receive a tracking code via email. Lithuania Post hands over your parcel to your national postal service.

Returns Policy

You can return your product within 30 days after your order has been placed. We recommend considering alternative options, such as gifting the product to someone else, because of the emissions and waste created by returns. The return shipping costs back to Lithuania are your responsibility. To discuss returns or alternatives, contact us at [email protected] If there is any issue with your product upon arrival, please contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible.

  • Notebook size: 18.5 x 22 cm
  • Cover size: 17x 22 cm
  • Page size: A5
  • Ring diameter: 2 cm
  • Inside the plastic insert sleeve fits one A5 sheet maximum
  • Made in Europe


  • Water-soluble ink
  • Refillable with the refill station
  • Line width: 0.6 mm
  • Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable


  • Polypropylene: Discs, pen barrel and cap, sticky pen loop (+ elastic)

PP5 recycling resin code

  • PVC: covers

PVC recycling

  • Pages: laminated FSC paper, rounded corners
  • Reusable Product
  • Save Paper
  • Scan your Notes, Keep them in the Cloud
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Made in the EU