Bold Whiteboard Markers | 4


Add a colourful pop to your day with this set of light green, light blue, purple and orange bold whiteboard markers.

  • These markers are made for whiteboards, not specifically for the Asoki Planner
  • The ink is not non-smudging:
    • Can smudge when you go over it with your hand
  • Use for brainstorming, daily plans or quickly processed notes which you erase at the end of the day


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Brand: Asoki


  • 4 bold whiteboard markers
  • Colours:
    • Light blue
    • Light green
    • Orange
    • Purple

Ideal for colourful brainstorms, daily plans and lists.

Be careful not to accidentally go over the ink with your hands, just like when you write on a whiteboard.

These are ‘dry erase’ whiteboard markers, meaning that you can erase them with the dry wipe included in your Asoki Planner (it comes inside the see-through insert inside) or with the help of a few drops of liquid.

Very easy to erase, but do not leave on the page for long.

We recommend only using the erasable markers for short-term writing because the ink may smudge a little over time. If you want to be able to look back at your pages, simply scan them using the free Adobe Scan App. It will automatically find the edges of the page and scan. Tip: it will be most easy for the app to find the edges automatically if you place the notebook on a darker background.


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