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Yearly and Monthly Page Pack


Start your Asoki Planner during any month of the year! These erasable calendar pages A5 are undated and reusable. Click the pages into your Asoki Planner.

This page pack includes three months and one year.

  • A5 page pack
  • Easily reschedule: erase and rewrite
  • Write the name of the month in the bottom left and write dates into the circles
  • Set yourself a monthly goal
  • See product pictures: days are abbreviated from German (Mo, Di, Mi, Do, Fr, Sa, So)
  • Clickable into the Asoki Planner disc binding
  • Write on the whiteboard notebook pages with our erasable pens

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Brand: Asoki


  • Six pages in total
  • A5 size
  • Monthly planner for three months (two double sided pages, two single-sided)
  • Yearly planner (two single-sided pages)
  • Four blank sides

Monthly overview:

  • You can write the name of the month on the dotted lines on the left bottom of the left page
  • You can write the date in the grey circles
  • Set a goal for the month on the right side
  • There is additional space for notes on the lines

Yearly overview:

  • You can write the year on the bottom left dotted line

Reusable Monthly Planner

This product is a page pack of clickable whiteboard pages. These packes can be clicked into the disc binding of the Asoki Planner. There are various pages, some printed on front, some on back, some on both, together making up three monthly overviews and one yearly overview. Plan the coming month using the reusable monthly planner pages and erase when the month is over. Appointment canceled? Simply erase. Time changed? Make corrections without a mess.

Reusable Yearly Planner

For events many months in the future, the reusable yearly planner pages can be used. It gives you an overview of a full year, starting at a month of your choice. Look back on your achiements and happy moments of the year before erasing the reusable yearly planner to start a new year. Reduce your pile of notebooks, agendas and post its to one item: the Asoki Planner.

Smart Reusable Planner

Anything you want to keep, you can scan with the free Adobe Scan app. It automatically detects the edges of your page and crops it. You can scan multiple pages in a row and save it as one document. From there, save it to your prefered cloud app.

For more information on how to use your Asoki Planner: have a look at our extensive FAQ.


Erasable Planners

At the end of the video below, we show you to click pages in and out of the disc biding.

A few tips:

  • To prevent damaging the pages, when removing a page: gently zip from top to bottom
  • No need to pull hard
  • To insert a page into your Asoki Planner: go disc by disc, lightly push
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You can use three types of correctable pens with the Asoki Planner:

  • Dry erase correctable pens
  • Wet erase correctable pens
  • Whiteboard markers

Pens such as Pilot Frixion are not suitable as they are designed for traditional paper and not for whiteboard paper. The whiteboard paper is smoother than traditional paper.

Which pens are smudge-proof?

You probably have wiped text from a whiteboard with your hand. The same thing can happen when you use whiteboard markers on your Asoki Planner. But not with the dry erase pens.! They are smudge-proof thanks to fast drying ink. There is a balance between not accidentally erasing notes with your hand, but still being able to easily erase notes when you want to. For erasing, use the felt eraser on the back of the dry erase pen or the wipe with liquid of your choice. The dry erase pens are available in 4 colours.

How to erase with erasable pens

The Asoki Planner is a slightly wider than A5 erasable whiteboard notebook including wipe and spray bottle


Wet erase pens

These are not very smudge-resistant. This means that you may smudge your writing with your hand when writing (especially for left-handed people). But the ink can be removed very easily, as a little liquid is enough to clean the pages. However, you cannot remove the ink with a dry cloth. The pens do not have a felt eraser at the end.

When erasing whiteboard notebook wet erase pens it is normal that smudging occurs as soon as you spray liquid on the ink

Whiteboard markers

Whiteboard-markers are suitable for short notes and sketches. There is a risk of accidentally smudging your writing with your hand if the ink has not yet dried.



Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Here’s what other left-handed users have said:


“I’m left-handed. Have had no problems accidentally erasing anything. I do use the planner sideways because of the ring-binding, but this is very easy.”

“I rub out much less than I would with a pen. Practically nothing. Though, to be fair, sweaty hands do smudge the text a little bit – that’s why I say ‘much less’ and not ‘nothing’. The rings don’t bother me at all.”

“I’m left-handed and I don’t rub out anything. Just keep my book straight.”

“I’m on the left. Works great for me. No rubbing.”

“I’m left-handed but I didn’t experience any problems. The ink dries quickly!”

“I turn my pages a little bit. I’m left-handed and can write without rubbing out my own text thanks to this trick.”

“I am left handed and it works. If I write an entire page at once it smudges a little but you almost never do this in an agenda or notebook anyway.”

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Similar, but not the same! Writing on the Asoki erasable pages feels smooth, and more similar to writing on a whiteboard than to writing on paper. However, unlike on a whiteboard, you can’t erase the ink of the dry erase pens by going over it with your hand.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Yes you can! Combine with other systems such as Atoma, Arc or Circa.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Have to change an appointment, or edit a plan? No problem! You can erase pages as often as you like. The quicker you erase after writing, the easier.
Depending on the type of pen you used, there are different ways of erasing your pages:
1. Dry erase pens
2. Wet erase pens
3. General tips at the bottom

  1. Dry erase pens

Black, blue, green, and red pens:
Erase small sections using the eraser on the back of the pens, or larger amounts with the spray and wipe.

How to erase with erasable pens
The Asoki Planner is a slightly wider than A5 erasable whiteboard notebook including wipe and spray bottle

If the ink has been on the page for a long time then we recommend using the textured wipe and magic sponge from the Erase Kit.

First spray the page then put pressure on the magic sponge to dissolve the ink and finallhy wipe away the liquid with your black cloth

2. Wet erase pens

Orange, yellow and purple pens:
Can only be erased with a damp cloth. The ink dissolves in the liquid so there will be a coloured smudge for you to wipe away. Add more drops of liquid if needed. It is best to use these pens only for short-term notes which you erase at the end of the day. Be extra careful not to touch the ink with your hands, as unlike the dry erase pens, the wet erase pens are not smudge-proof.

3. General tips

Erase entire pages with the Asoki planner cloth and a few drops of water. Alternatively, you can use window or mirror cleaning spray, or a mixture of rubbing alcohol with water, as well as our Apple & Mint concentrated spray from the Erase Kit.

Erasing pages gets more difficult over time as the ink sets in. Try and make sure to erase pages regularly – if you want to keep your notes, scan them with your phone using apps such as Adobe Scan, Evernote or Dropbox.

After erasing, there may be spots of ink left on the pages, clean with a wet wipe. The blue and green pens may leave a light smudge on the Asoki pages.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

An Asoki Planner ring binding can hold up to 50 erasable pages and an additional set of 20 non-erasable pages. The non-erasable pages are much thinner.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Asoki Planner pages have been coated to allow you to erase the pages easily with a drop of liquid. The Asoki Planner, however, is not waterproof. Specifically, the edges of the pages are not waterproof. When erasing, spray liquid onto the middle of the page, or onto the wipe. Then wipe the edges with the cloth. Avoid spraying or spilling liquid directly onto the edges of pages.

The covers and discs are water resistant, they contain no paper or cardboard.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Effortlessly scan pages with your phone with the free Adobe Scan app.

It is very easy: the app automatically finds the edges of the pages for you. You can save the file as pdf to any app on your phone such as Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox or Trello.

If you have the DropBox app or Evernote app: these have good scan functions integrated already.

Step by step with photos

Adobe Scan automatically finds the edges of the pages. It can help to place the notebook on a dark background if you have a light cover.

How to scan your erasable notebook

Adjust the edges manually or click ‘Done’.

Scanning your reusable notebook with your phone

If you want to keep scanning pages, you can continue these steps. In the bottom right corner, you will see a number counting the number of pages you have scanned. This will create a pdf file with several pages.

When you are ready to save: adjust the file title and save the pdf.

Scan app erasable notebook
Scan app reusable notebook

After having saved it inside Adobe Scan, you can then share and save it in any app you have on your phone: Dropbox, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, Slack, email etc.

Click for Adobe Scan in Google Play Store.

Click for Adobe Scan in Apple App Store.

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  1. Easy to use

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  2. It not only helps me to plan my month, it also makes me so glad when I wipe that what already happened or I achieved.

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  3. I would love to get a full year without having to buy 4 sets and having lots of black pages.

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  4. These are fantastic! Top quality, erases well and easily but holds the ink for the full three months if I want it to.

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  5. A super usefull sheet to plan the upcoming month

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  6. Great stylish design and simple structure.

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  7. Just great!

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  8. Der Jahresüberblick ist perfekt als Geburtstagskalender, wenn man nicht zu viele Leute kennt. Bei zu vielen kann es schnell unübersichtlich werden.
    Für die dazugehörigen anderen Seiten habe ich leider keine richtige Verwendung. Fände einen richtig Kalender für Geburtstage besser.

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  9. Good!

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  10. Useful

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