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Our mission: a flourishing planet


Our mission is a big one: lively oceans and forests, fresh air and abundant natural resources to sustain all life on our amazing planet.

Here’s our game plan.

Simplify. Our zero waste gifts and essentials help you reuse and reduce your waste.

No single-use plastic. Of course, we deliver our products to you in plastic-free shipping materials.

Give back. Asoki donates 1% of sales to planet-protecting charities as 1% For The Planet member.



Spend less time decluttering and shopping for single-use items; spend more time doing what you love. Asoki’s products are built to last. To make your transition to a new reusable product easy, we have lots of tips and videos on our website. If you have any tips or pictures you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us via social media or email.

In case you were wondering: Asoki is pronounced ‘A – sow – kee’.
For those of you who know Asoka from Star Wars: like that, but with an i at the end. 😉

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last.


Vivienne Westwood

Asoki Ltd. is based in the UK and ships all orders from the Republic of Ireland.

VAT nr
GB 341 0067 49

Suite 2a, Blackthorn House, St Pauls Square
United Kingdom
B3 1RL

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