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Our mission: a flourishing planet


Our mission is a big one: lively oceans and forests, fresh air and abundant natural resources to sustain all life on our amazing planet.

Here’s our game plan.

Invest in reusable. Create your own personalised reusable planner, agenda and notebook all in one.

Sustainable product packaging. As much as possible, our products come in plastic-free packaging.


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Custom smart notebook erasable

Custom Erasable Notebooks with Logo A5 | From 50 Notebooks

Our team loves their planners! Such a great gift for our employees. Now not only can they work in a more organized way but we are all doing something good for the environment at the same time, makes working so much more fun! Thank you Asoki for the smooth processing, the great design and especially for this beautiful sustainable product.

Set of horizontal to-do list pages on grey background

Key Word List Pages

(verified owner)

easy to write

Frosted erasable divider tabs for your discbound Asoki Planner A5 whiteboard notebook

Erasable Dividers Frosted

(verified owner)


Erasable Notebook Asoki Planner Black medium thickness

Reusable Notebook Lined | Firmer Softcover

(verified owner)

the cover is very nice

Vertical erasable monthly calendar with black pen next to assorted items on marble background

Weekly Planner Erasable Vertical Hourly Page Pack | 4 Weeks

(verified owner)

perfect space between hours

Erasable Asoki Planner with a daily planner and to-do-list

Daily Planner | 6 Days Erasable Page Pack

(verified owner)

Easy to use

Set of horizontal to-do list pages on grey background

Key Word List Pages

(verified owner)

Easy to use

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Spend less time decluttering, spend more time doing what you love.  To make your transition to a new reusable product easy, we have lots of tips and videos on each product page and in our FAQ

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