We love lists and notes

Hand wiping an erasable to-do list page in a reusable notebook with the black included wipe and some drops of water

Wipe clean and start fresh

“I am so glad I bought this planner! It not only helps me to plan my months and tasks, it also makes me so happy when I wipe what I achieved.” – Femke

Personalised reusable notebook

Pages can be moved around in your loose leaf notebook.

Yu says: “Very happy with my reusable planner. Ink can be easily removed, pages are not fixed and can be relocated, the design is simple but chic. Btw. the customer service is really nice!”

Reusable notebook erase like a whiteboard

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Like erasing a whiteboard

Included with our erasable notebooks, you receive a black pen with felt eraser on the back, a black erase wipe and an empty travel-size spray bottle. Fill the bottle with glass / mirror cleaning spray or water. Spray a page, then erase with the wipe and dry.

Erasable notebook with portfolio organiser

The Portfolio

“Very nice leather feel, enjoying using it and it makes me want to come back to my planner. Fit in most of my bags and had enough space for my cards, notes, stickers and all the things I’m using for planning. Very happy with my purchase!” – Anna

Gift Custom Notebooks with Logo

We print your logo on erasable notebooks. Ideal as a sustainable business gift or employee gift. The minimum is 30 branded notebooks. Sarah’s review: “The team really loves your notebooks and I hope we can reduce the paper waste in the office in the future. Thank you again for all the great help. You are awesome.”